Building world-class economies with flexible and dynamic investments

At Mediterrania Capital Partners, we are dedicated minority investors, partnering with leading entrepreneurs in full alignment with key shareholders to nurture lasting value creation. We invest in innovation and growth with a focus on emerging and growing industries and an international playing field. Experienced, influential, international. This is MCP.

Unrivalled local presence and superior international standing

We believe in the African Continent and especially in the Maghreb region. Our wealth of regional experience promotes the rapid identification of exciting new investment opportunities. Our European roots deliver portfolio companies access to global networks, contacts and experience, while our deep local knowledge positions us as an excellent channel by which to introduce new investors to this exciting region and its potential. We hold strong corporate and government connections, and continue to expand our reach in the Region throughout offices in Abidjan, Algiers, Barcelona, Casablanca and Tunis.

Experienced and knowledgeable team striving for excellence
We identify potential and strive for excellence with a team that shares the following skills:

  • Quality management with top class reputation
  • Effective planning and development strategy
  • Industry leadership that allows MCP to have an established platform for growth with significant preexisting equity and a definitive exit strategy