About us

“We invest wisely and build trusting relationships, putting value creation first so that our partners and investors share in our success. Expert portfolio management, that’s what sets us apart.”

Albert Alsina, Founder, CEO & Managing Partner

North Africa is considered the gateway to Africa, and Mediterrània Capital Partners, as one of the largest and most successful investment firms operating in the Maghreb region, holds the key.

We manage over € 220 million of assets across 2 prestigious investment funds investing in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and continue to help boost the significant infrastructure development set to occur in the next 10 years.

A region rich in minerals and untapped energy resources with growing consumer demand for products and services, The Maghreb is rife with innovative investment opportunities. Mediterrania Capital Partners, with its team of 14 highly qualified investment professionals boasting over 150 years of collective experience, is at the center of this growth. Having already made an impressive contribution to the region’s blooming economies through the expansion and prosperity of its existing portfolio companies, MCP looks forward to further connecting the international community with the unique opportunities and benefits of North African investments.

We support projects that matter and work to simultaneously consolidate traditional sectors in the region and promote investment in a variety of emerging and growing sectors. At Mediterrania Capital Partners, we recognize that company and community success are inextricably linked and therefore uphold best ESG practices from a project´s consideration, to the ultimate divestment and far beyond MCP´s involvement. By investing in projects that build and support the communities that host them, we ensure market and consumer support and thereby maximize long-term shareholder value.