Investment Profiles

Every investment is unique. We focus on diversity and flexibility of investment, tailoring strategic and pro-active planning and advice to each partner company.

MCP specializes in the following types of investment:

Expansion capital:

Shareholders allow the entry of a PE firm to support them in the strategic implementation of an ambitious expansion plan such as the launch of a new range of products, the expansion of production capacity, development of the commercial network or entry into new markets. MCP injects fresh equity to manifest expansion goals and adds additional value in the form of expert guidance and support to the management and an outstanding international reputation.

Management Buy Out (MBO):

MBO’s are operations in which the existing directors/managers are backed by a financial partner in order to acquire the business in which they operate. Potential MBOs are operations with a high potential of value creation given that the management team is highly specialized in the business’s operations.

Managemet Buy In (MBI):

In the case of an MBI, an external managing team is backed by a financial partner to acquire a company and take on the management of the business. If the actual management team joins in on this operation, the acquisition can be combined with a MBO, resulting in the beneficial union of internal and external visions.