At Mediterrania Capital Partners we take great care to ensure the privacy of our visitors, friends and clients. The information provided to Mediterrania Capital Partners is not used for any purpose other than indicated on the website. Mediterrania Capital Partners contact details:

Diputación 246 principal – 08007 BARCELONA
Tel. 34 93 270 12 12 / Fax 34 93 270 12 13

Which information is and isn’t retained?
You can visit our site without providing any personal information; cookies or other information collecting elements are not used on this site unless expressly indicated. In the password-protected areas reserved for our clients, we naturally have personal information relating to the client. We retain certain information, such as email addresses, on the visitors who subscribe to any of our services, such as the latest news alert service.

How do we use email addresses and other contact information?
Email addresses are used to send you information which you have requested. Under no circumstances will any information be provided to external companies.

As a client, who can find out my information, name and contact details?
No one outside of Mediterrania Capital Partners will have access to this information. When you access the client area you enter using your password and login name.

In general, what levels of security does Mediterrania Capital Partners have?
Some areas can only be accessed by our clients, and are password-protected. The rest can be accessed by anyone and are unrestricted.