Why Mediterrania Capital?

With unrivalled access to the European markets and a wide and diverse network of industry experts and co-investors, Mediterrania Capital Partners is the smart choice for shareholders and companies willing to grow.

Our tailored and flexible investment philosophy lies at the heart of our success.

  • We share risks and opportunities with our partners, aligning interests to create strong, trusting relationships that result in clear and unified management. This creates sustainable growth for our partners, and stability of returns to shareholders.
  • We modernize and professionalize the management of partner companies, revolutionizing internal processes and moving towards managerial independence. We respect their independence and ideas, stepping out of daily management while offering support and instituting advanced administrative and managerial systems.
  • We initiate companies into our extensive network of national and international contacts, offering support in the design of international expansion strategy. We implement a customized value creation plan and identify highest-impact priorities around which to build an operating plan.